At 2Paths, we architect and build software to help our clients to make the world a better place by using technology to solve problems.

2Paths has over 15 years experience working with the world’s largest health-focused organizations to use data to make smarter decisions.

We help our clients to better understand and automate data flows, implement health information systems and build tools to visualize and analyze complex data sets.

We provide strategic services such as business analysis, solution design and data analysis. 2Paths also provides technical services including software development, system integration, implementation support and training.

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Scale and Improve Existing Systems 

At 2Paths we work with open source software such as DHIS 2, ODK and CommCare to automate workflows, scale platforms and address flexibility to build a more usable experience.

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Aggregate Data Flows into Open Source Repositories 

At 2Paths we build web applications to connect project-level data to open source repositories such as DHIS 2. We have demonstrated strength in developing health information mapping platforms that allow our clients to define, capture and learn from health-related data. 

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Build Interactive Dashboards and Data Visualizations

At 2Paths we have designed and developed data portals and dashboards that demonstrate excellence in user interface and workflow design. We build interactive dashboards that allow for high-level investigation of maps and data visualizations while providing tools for the inquiry and extraction of raw data. Data is presented to be easily understood by anyone, but also showcase options to drill into more complex information. Our data portals have been built to function well in low-bandwidth scenarios and to meet accessibility requirements.

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Analyze Data and Provide Meaningful Insights    

2Paths are enriching and expanding the analysis of routine and programmatic data to generate valuable and unique insights to predict the impacts of global healthcare programs. By utilizing machine learning techniques, these innovative analyses assist global health organizations to answer complex, cross-programmatic questions by relating contextual and other data sources with traditional data analysis and visualization.