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Canadian Partnership for Canadian Women and Children’s Health, 2016-present

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2Paths worked with the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health (CanWaCH) to reimagine and build a compelling and responsive bilingual website to reflect the rebrand and evolution of CanWaCH and to deliver an appealing platform to motivate member engagement. The new website showcases member program data and results, which provides for a collaborative exchange of knowledge and experience by its members around Canadian and global initiatives focused on maternal, newborn and child health.

The Client

CanWaCH catalyzes Canadian collaboration among 100+ members who are improving women’s and children’s health in 1,000 communities worldwide.

Members and staff reimagine a new website

We were initially engaged by CanWaCH in a scoping phase to reimagine CanWaCH’s existing website. The organization was growing rapidly and had recently rebranded itself. CanWaCH was looking to build a new website which captured its renewed mandate and focused on its three strategic pillars: Measuring Results, Knowledge Exchange, and Stakeholder Engagement. The organization’s aim was to catalyze members to connect with CanWaCH, its mission and other members by contributing to the new website as a means to showcase the impact of Canada’s investment in maternal, newborn and child health globally.

To understand the vision and scope of the project, 2Paths, with our creative partner DesignStamp, led workshops and interviews with CanWaCH staff followed by conducting an environmental scan of sector websites to understand the current landscape. We engaged in one-on-one interviews with CanWaCH members to determine how the organization is perceived and valued, as well as to understand what members would benefit most from in a new website. Findings from the user research were then documented in user summaries and a partner journey map. Following the technical research and prototyping, we proposed a website with a strong foundation for project data collection, aggregation and visualization as well as for knowledge exchange and collaboration by members.

Building a site to spotlight member impact

After completing a successful scoping round, 2Paths with DesignStamp were further engaged by CanWaCH to build its new website.

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We provided a Drupal content management system which delivers robust publishing tools to support a multilingual site and encourages both collaboration and delegation of work to the growing CanWaCH team. The permission-based workflow allows members to contribute content and CanWaCH staff to moderate and publish that content. Each member has been provided with a branded profile page, which they are able to make updates to and highlights staff, interests, programs and contributions to the website.

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CanWaCH members and staff can also log in to the project data engine in order to contribute project data and share other related project information. The project data engine allows CanWaCH staff to easily moderate data submitted by its members. Program data supplied by members is then visualized in Project Explorer, an interactive map which highlights both Canada’s impact on improving the health of women and children globally and the ability to drill down into specific program details.

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The result is a compelling website that delivers a timely, comprehensive view of the significant global impact of Canadian organizations in the area of women and children’s health, capturing projects funded from a variety of sources.

Technologies used

  • Drupal content management system
  • Java / Grails / Groovy
  • Gradle
  • AngularJS
  • JQuery
  • PostgreSQL