In the cooking mood

April 25, 2007 | by Aaron

So as mentioned in our weekly meeting, I’ve been watching a number of food blogs and starting to try a few. Here are two that were quite tasty yet easy:

labaniyya – chicken in yogurt sauce – this was a simple but nice flavour, on wild rice.


chorizo, lentils and chickpea soup – super tasty, filling.

No thought leadership there Trevor, but I think this is even better :)

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3 Responses to “In the cooking mood”

  1. Boris Mann Says:

    I’ve been cooking lots, too, lately. Good to see lots of posts here on the team blog…you’re keeping up with it.

    And if you want a place to store recipes, check out my Food Like That ( site.

  2. Shan Syed Says:

    that second one looks tasty, but total fodder for some devastating gas
    no one should eat that during office hours, please

  3. Aaron Gladders Says:

    Food like that – sounds like it’s time to have someone over for dinner :)

    Another food “blog” I’m quite liking is Tastespotting. It’s goal is more about pictures of food but that’s great – you get to see what it might look like right from the get go.

    And from when I used to live in Singapore, Rasa Malaysia does an *excellent* job of the recipes, with real ingredients. Not many people truly appreciate belacan

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